Wake Up Walmart

The “Wake Up Walmart” campaign combined TV advertising and an online hub to acquire and activate supporters.

the challenge

We needed to generate earned media and mobilize grassroots supporters with relatively few resources. Walmart had a relatively good image and we need to shine a light on their unfair business practices to force change.

the community

We gave concerned consumers and Walmart employees the tools they needed to educate consumers and grow the movement. We coupled it with satirical and controversial content that was shared online and featured on cable news.

the result

With very little money, we built the fastest growing movement for corporate responsibility in the country, with over 426,000 supporters. We placed the Wal-Mart issue on the front page of every major publication repeatedly, got high-profile politicians to speak out on the issue, and the AP ultimately referred to the campaign as one of “the most important political issues. We shifted public opinion dramatically in a very short amount of time and ultimately changed shoppers’ behavior.

View one of our TV ads for the campaign, “Chalkboard”